• Behind every cloud, there is a silver lining.

    Behind every cloud, there is a silver lining.

The steps we take to move a new resident into Silver Linings.

The Assessment

The process of moving a new resident into Silver Linings takes many steps. We begin that process with a required assessment to determine if the applicant is appropriate for our home.  This is completed by a face-to-face (in person) meeting.  The Resident Assessment is used to determine the level of care the resident will require.  Once completed, the level of care and the per day cost is determined.  

Physician's Evaluation

A visit to your Primary Healthcare Provider (PHP) will be the next step in the admission process.  We have a Physician’s Evaluation form to be completed by the PHP.  It serves as the starting point for the Care Plan that we follow for the applicant.  It includes current diagnosis(es), physical and mental health limitations, treatments needed, supportive devices, allergies, diet, current medications, and a TB screening.  The PHP will validate if placement in our facility is appropriate.  The PHP will also complete the Written Plan of Care (POC) for the provision of health maintenance activities.  This will authorize medication management and any other health maintenance activities that may be required as well as identify disabilities of the resident.  Other health maintenance activities may include the following: Insulin, Ostomy care, Foley catheter care, PEG tube, O2, and/or etc. The PCH will also complete the Routine Orders form which will be an order list of Over the Counter (OTC) medications that could be used to treat symptoms and problems that may develop such as pain, cold symptoms, etc. We are unable to administer any medication (prescribed or OTC) without an order from their doctor. Therefore, we require prescriptions for all medications prior to moving into Silver Linings.  There may be instances where more than one physician is overseeing the residents' care. In these cases, we require Routine Orders from all physicians providing care.

Staff Training and Preparation

Once we receive these documents (Physician’s Evaluation form, POC, Routine Orders, and current prescriptions) and along with the Resident Assessment, our team will have the information to develop a plan of care.  We will then begin the necessary staff training and preparation to provide the specific care for the needs of the new resident. 

The Personal Service Questionnaire

The final step before the new resident moves into Silver Linings is the Personal Service Questionnaire. This is another important part of our ability to accurately help the new resident acclimate and adjust to their new home.  This questionnaire will help us to incorporate their likes and dislikes in the menu, and activities of daily living.